The Third Day of Smizness: Economy Motors

The Third Day of Smizness: Economy Motors

Economy Motors
Selling Cars and Making Friends

Pat McCarty has been selling cars for more than 40 years.  He started when he was a young man in Houston, Texas.  And at first it was about the money.

Smart, handsome and charismatic, Pat quickly learned that he could make a good living selling new cars.  And that’s what he did in the largest cities throughout New Mexico and Texas. 

However, after getting married, raising 2 children, then getting divorced, Pat left the big city life for – what else – love.

Love in a Small Town
Yep, at an unexpected time in his life, Pat found a lovely lady in an unlikely place – a small town in New Mexico more famous for space aliens than the car business – Roswell.

When he first moved to Roswell, there simply weren’t any car dealerships hiring.  So he drove almost 100 miles a day to work at used car lots in surrounding communities.  And that’s when he realized that selling cars was about far more than the money.  People in these small towns needed reliable vehicles.  Not for status symbols, but for their businesses.  Or they just wanted something safe for their families.   Their budgets were limited, so used cars were the obvious option.  But used car salesmen had a stigma of being crooks and Pat didn’t like that. He dedicated the rest of his career to changing that perception.

They’ve Got You Covered
In 1995, Economy Motors was born.

IMG_5504Situated on Main Street in a town of 48,000, Economy Motors is dedicated to providing good, used vehicles at an honest price.  Every customer drives away with a 3 month, 3,000 mile power train warranty, and the peace of mind that they got the best deal possible.

Pat’s the only employee, and that means no salesmen working on commission.  The sales process is low pressure and feels more like a visit with an old friend.  As a matter of fact, that’s how Pat refers to his daily work – “making friends.”

So if you’re anywhere in the southwest area, head on over to Economy Motors in Roswell, New Mexico.  As Pat is fond of saying, “they’ve got you covered.”

Economy Motors
2506 N. Main