The Sixth Day of Smizness: New Angle Media

The Sixth Day of Smizness: New Angle Media

New Angle Media
Design Freaks and Computer Geekskris

Kris Brandt has pretty much always been an entrepreneur. He started his first business when he was just 18 years old. He co-founded New Angle Media when he was a senior in college.

11 years later, New Angle Media is a small business that sounds big. The company creates software, solutions & studio productions to enhance online user experience. And they do it for some powerful brands. Microsoft, Avnet, General Dynamics and HP are among their clients.

But the secret to New Angle’s success is by keeping the agility of a small business.

“There is a constant need for innovation. In our space, particularly when it comes to online marketing software applications, it is an endless cycle of innovate-or-die mentality. Though it can be daunting, it provides clarity for our organization and a focus for my team.”

The Computer Geeks
That mentality has certainly served the company well – particularly in their software business. In addition to custom websites and applications, New Angle also developed a propriety software called wynd™. In extreme layman’s terms, wynd pulls together every single thing your business “publishes” and “distributes”, like videos, sales sheets, media downloads, webinars and products, puts them all in one place and then ties them to ROI, advanced reporting, and the results you need for your sales and marketing goals.

softwareThat’s pretty advanced stuff for a company with just ten full-time staff members.

And Kris credits that staff with the success of his business.

“I have this incredible team of talented, young go-getters and they’ve transformed what was a basic marketing agency into a cutting-edge marketing technology firm. I like to say that we hand picked a group of design freaks and computer geeks. And I mean that as the highest compliment. These are individuals who are exceptional at what they do.”

Kris also tips his hat to his customers, noting their creativity and loyalty as a key piece of the success puzzle. And that affection for them is what drives New Angle’s superior customer service.

“At the end of the day, this business, like most, is about people and the relationships you develop with them so the rewards we have reaped from putting people first have been amazing.”

The Design Freaks

It seems that New Angle Media’s differentiation is their mix of complex technology and creativity. In addition to their flawless execution in digital technology, the company also has their own on-site production studio. Why? Because Kris and his team know that videos tell the best stories.

studio“We’re motivated by passion and a drive for creativity, so we developed New Angle Studios to craft videos for customers. We help them use interactive media to tell great stories that motivate their customers.”

A young, creative, successful company. What’s the secret? When I asked Kris that question he told me it takes courage, evolution and leadership.

“Be bold, be fearless. Recognize your position in the marketplace and adapt as necessary to not only survive, but thrive. The most successful companies aren’t always the biggest, strongest, or fastest, but the ones that adapt to change the most effectively. Provide clarity and leadership, and believe in what you do . . . from there, the rest just kind of falls into place.”

Having personally been a New Angle client, I can’t say enough great things about Kris and the rest of the folks there. But don’t take my word for it; get to know them online, on Facebook or on Twitter.