The Seventh Day of Smizness: My Future Consulting

The Seventh Day of Smizness: My Future Consulting

My Future Consulting
It’s All About the Team

As a former collegiate athlete, Anthony Fletcher knows the importance of building a good team.  That’s probably why he majored in human resource management while at the University of Hawaii.

But like so many graduates, Anthony didn’t work one day in a job related to his major.  Instead he was recruited to work in manufacturing and parlayed that into a successful business career as an executive in corporate America for more than 20 years.  His resume includes three different Fortune 100 companies and in several capacities.

Believing In What You Do
But the desire to help people build or find their teams never really left him.  And when the entrepreneurial bug bit 6 years ago, Anthony founded My Future Consulting, an executive search firm specializing in multicultural and diversity-oriented executive jobs.

“After working as a hiring executive for several decades, I wanted to see what life was like on the other side of the process. So I decided to step out on faith and start my own executive search and recruitment company.  I haven’t looked back since.”

When I asked Anthony what advice he’d give to business owners just starting out, he gave me more than a business tip; he described the core of his success.

“Select a field, industry, product or service that you are genuinely passionate about.  That will keep you motivated when the phone doesn’t ring as frequently as you think it should.” 

And that passion resonated through my entire conversation with Anthony.  It’s clear that he’s in this for all the right reasons.

“I have always had a strong desire to help professionals attain their dream jobs.  There’s nothing more gratifying than to hear the joy and excitement in a candidate’s voice when you extend a job offer to them.”

The Win-Win
But what really seems to drive My Future Consultant is not just the ability to find people jobs, but the ability to put people on the right teams – for the good of both the job seeker and the hiring company.

“At MFC we firmly believe that the success of any organization begins and ends with the process of hiring the ‘right’ candidate.  There are many factors that attribute to the success of a company. None are greater than human capital.  People are unquestionably an organization’s greatest asset and should be treated as such from both a recruitment and employment perspective.” 

There’s no denying that Anthony’s good with people.  But when you own your own business there’s so many other things to consider – and that’s been his biggest challenge.

“As a relatively new business owner, I’ve had to wear multiple hats many of which I had no prior experience.  So learning, leading and managing simultaneously has been overwhelming at times but as I reflect it’s also been rewarding as well as necessary.  I’ve learned so much about things like finance and accounting, advertising and marketing, sales, social media, public relations and R&D.  I have a far greater appreciation for the aforementioned professionals now that I’ve had to make day-to-day decisions in these areas.”

Get Back On The Court
As My Future Consulting grows, Anthony harkens back to all the things he learned both as an executive and as an athlete.

“Persistence is the key to success.  You have to learn very quickly not to take things personally.  Complaining won’t yield more victories, you have to get up, brush of the dirt and keep it moving!” 

I invite you to learn more about Anthony and the team at My Future Consultant at their web site or on Facebook.  If you need a job – or the prefect employee, he’s the man to put together the team.