The Second Day of Smizness: Trim-Lean LLC

The Second Day of Smizness: Trim-Lean LLC

Trim-Lean LLC
Fitness For Everyone

osredkar-bio-picWill Osredkar, owner of Trim-Lean LLC has loved exercise for as long as he can remember. He told me a story of bench-pressing large tree limbs after a storm when he was 9 year old. This was long before he even knew what “bench-pressing” was. It was just something that came naturally.

He played pee wee football and T-ball and starting working out regularly because he wanted to keep up with the older boys who played those sports.

Constructing The Future

Despite his love for fitness, Will didn’t immediately realize that he could make it his career. He attended University of Madison West to become an Operating Engineer. In case you don’t know what that is (I didn’t) it’s the person that is responsible for working with power construction equipment to move materials, earth, and heavy objects at construction sites.

But when he wasn’t on the construction site, he was in the gym. And because he spent so much time there, he made the decision to put it to good use – he became certified to be a personal trainer more than 17 years ago.

11Training:  Personalized

His training career started at Gold’s Gym in Wisconsin, then he later moved to Phoenix, Arizona and started his own personal training business – a business that combines all the different aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  He knows that people have many different reasons for coming to him. 

“Sure, I have clients that are focused on weight loss, but that’s not always their only goal.  I have athletes that want to be stronger and faster.  I have older adults that just want to stay active.  I’m dedicated to helping individuals create a positive self-image and making their unique goals a reality with a focused approach on nutrition, training and lifestyle.”

And although there are many personal trainers out there, what differentiates Will and his business, Trim-Lean LLC, is his flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile.
I want to make it as easy as possible for my clients to reach their goals so I offer my training in person at my studio, at their homes or even on-line. I use Skype to train my clients that are not based Arizona.”

Will also has a number of clients with special needs. He believes that absolutely anyone can benefit from his expertise in diet, nutrition and exercise.

“I am passionate about helping individuals of all kinds uncover the best version of themselves through fitness, cardio and nutrition.”

You can learn even more about Will and Trim-Lean (plus get some great fit tips) by visiting his web site or liking Facebook page.