The Ninth Day of Smizness: b Naked Chocolates

The Ninth Day of Smizness: b Naked Chocolates

b Naked Chocolates
A Passion For Deliciousness

Most everyone loves chocolate, right? We give it as gifts, and just one bite can boost our mood. But can chocolate change the world? Sue Berliner thinks so.

Sue is the founder and Chief Chocolatier of b Naked Chocolates.Sue

That’s right, she’s the Chief Chocolatier. Now that’s a cool title.

But Sue didn’t start out to be a chocolatier. A long-time athlete and fitness enthusiast, she was the co-founder and served as the publisher of SWEAT Magazine, an Arizona based health and fitness magazine, for 22 years.

Her fitness resume is indeed impressive and includes major events like the Boston, New York City and Pikes Peaks Marathons, American River 50 Miler, Vineman 70.3 Triathlon, National Road Cycling Championships and the Taipei International Dragon Boat Championships.

Chocolate for a Healthier World

That healthy lifestyle is what led her to b Naked. She became acutely aware how important eating habits were to feeling good, staying healthy and performance in all aspects of life. Plus, she had long had a passion for food and cooking and believed eating healthful should taste great.

“I started making the chocolates for myself and friends. Those friends insisted I start selling them. B Naked became a way that I could use chocolate to encourage healthier eating habits and lifestyle and ultimately a healthier planet.”

Sue really makes healthy taste delicious. Just hearing her describe the process can make your mouth water.

“b Naked makes rich chocolates from the finest ingredients. We use organic raw cacao; blend it with cashews and maple syrup to make the base. Spices add variety. Almonds, pecans, shredded coconut or crunchy cacao nibs wrap the truffles in more flavor for a satisfying indulgence.”

Getting Naked

202814_455499937806921_335357028_oIf just the idea of gourmet chocolates doesn’t grab your attention, the name of the company will. Anytime someone says “naked,” people listen. But this time, “naked” refers to the pureness of Sue’s product.

“The chocolates contain no refined products and no dairy. They’re vegan, gluten free and low glycemic. I knew I wanted ‘naked’ in the name. While in a meeting with the art director of my magazine we stumbled on the b, the first letter of my last name. We liked the play on the b.”

In Chocolate We Trust

Like many entrepreneurs, Sue’s biggest challenge is prioritizing her time. Aside from the obvious activity of actually making the truffles, you can find b Naked at community gatherings like farmers’ markets all across Arizona – sometimes as many as six or seven a week.

Despite the challenges, Sue loves what she does. More importantly, she believes in it. That’s what she notes as the most important requirement for any small business owner.

“Chocolate and eating are universal. What we eat is the most important element of our health. I founded b Naked Chocolates to help people eat well and enjoy a richer, fuller life. That desire is what keeps the business going. If you’re going to start your own businesses, you must have passion for what you are doing.”

In addition to that passion, Sue credits her customers for her success. She has a dedicated fan base that seeks her out at events every week.

“I’ve been surprised and excited by the generosity and support of so many people: that includes friends, customers and people I have just met.”

294859_268306773192906_1397338139_nIn the interest of full disclosure, I’m one of those fans. I first sampled b Naked’s chocolates at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers’ Market. I’ve been addicted ever since.

If you live in Arizona, go to b Naked’s Facebook page to find out where you can sample the products. If you’re not in Arizona, never fear! Sue will ship her products to you. Visit her website to learn more.