The Fifth Day of Smizness: Victor Benoun

The Fifth Day of Smizness: Victor Benoun

Victor Benoun
The Secret of His Success Is Yours

1453552_362524920557830_1110009255_nVictor Benoun is a magic, mortgage lending, business coach.  And when I say he’s magic, that’s not hyperbole.  The man seriously knows magic.  He just finished an intensive 9 months of training at the world famous Magic Castle.

So how does one go from being a mortgage lender and business coach to a magician?  For Victor, it’s all about relationships and loving people.

“The best thing about my business is having such wonderful relationships with the people I work with.  I am so grateful for the friendships I have with the people I serve.  It is truly an honor and a privilege.”

Victor started in the mortgage industry, working for three Fortune 100 Lenders and then a private mortgage banker.  21 years ago,  he opened his own company, The Mortgage Source, Inc.

lemonade-stand-book-cover-202x300And while that resume would keep anyone busy, he still found time to publish two books about the home-buying process:  Victor Benoun’s Confident Homebuyer’s Guide and  Your Castle No Hassle (How To Buy a House, Find a Good Mortgage…And Keep Your Sense of Humor).

It was his latest book, however, that captured the essence of what the second act of his career would be:  coaching others at business. The Lemonade Stand On The Corner (How To Start A Successful Business After 50) provides a step-by-step approach for readers to be the entrepreneurs they’ve always wanted to be.

 “I felt a yearning to start doing other things as well.  I love working with and helping people, and took a certification program so I can start coaching people in business.”

coachingIt’s true, you can find other business coaches, but Victor’s diffentiation is his personalization. He specifically tailors his approach to the individual needs and goals of his clients. He works with both individuals and groups. And the coaching happens anywhere that’s convenient for the client – at the customers’ site, in Victor’s office, on the phone or via Skype.

His client list is a varied one: executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals in business and private issues.

 “Coaching is more than a job to me; it is my dearest passion. I have proven over and over that leading an extraordinary life is possible for everyone. And nothing satisfies me more than helping people find this out for themselves.” 

One of the challenges that I hear from both new business owners and seasoned pros is the inability to compete with the big guys.  Not surprisingly, a successful businessman and coach like Victor had some great advice.  Find your niche!

 “The answer to that challenge is finding a niche in the market.  I am not trying to compete with the major banks and savings and loans.  I can’t because they dwarf me with their advertising budget alone.  So I compete on a different level.  Being service oriented and making myself available to my clients and communicating in simple, easy to understand language is where I have an opportunity to excel.  I don’t work Monday-Friday.  I’m available in the evenings, weekends; people have my home and cell numbers.”

So it all comes back to Victor and his relationships.  His respect for and friendship with his clients are the cornerstones of his success.

 “Always put the emphasis on your client, customer, patient, whatever is appropriate, and not on yourself.  Be mindful of whom you are trying to serve and ask yourself why should someone do business with you?  How are they being served as a result of your relationship?”

Much thanks to Victor Benoun for sharing his story and his advice with me. I encourage you to visit his web site, like him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.  If you need business advice, a home mortgage or a magician for your next party, Victor’s your man!