The Eighth Day of Smizness: Mustang Oil and Gas LLC

The Eighth Day of Smizness: Mustang Oil and Gas LLC

Mustang Oil and Gas

A Lady and the Land

Pro_Head_ShotJamie Faubus McCarty, Owner of Mustang Oil and Gas, is a country girl.  But you might not know that from looking at her resume or even meeting her in person.

Always impeccably dressed and the consummate professional, Jamie comes off as a confident businesswoman.  Her work history ranges from coach to teacher to veterinary technician.  Her educational history spans two states and three schools.  So it might surprise you to learn that Jamie is most comfortable in worn jeans and manure-covered boots.

Fate Under Her Feet
Almost two years ago, Jamie discovered the oil and gas industry, training to be a landman under a seasoned pro well known in the business.

She knew immediately that she found her career home.  The constants in her life had always been her love for horses and the love of the land.  Being a landman meant helping others learn more about that land.  It was a perfect fit.

I can appreciate God’s handy work in creating the land and all that there is to offer on the surface of the land and underneath the land where the minerals are.  I help oil companies find and properly access these minerals.”

The Spirit of the Mustang
When it came time to strike out on her own, Jamie defaulted to her life-long love – horses – as a name for her company.

The Mustang is a free-roaming horse that knows the land well. They are known as the wild horse and are known for their stamina and speed. Captured Mustangs are branded by the government to indicate their year of birth and registration number. Much like in the oil and gas industry we deal with government land almost on a daily basis in obtaining leasing permits and leasing numbers.” 

Although her business is still in its infancy, Jamie has already developed a loyal clientele.  They love her attention to detail and dedication to her work.  And she loves being able to help people build their business.

I’ve been so fortunate to be able to find work. They depend on me.  Knowing that is both wonderful and intense.  It motivates me to keep pushing to do great work for them.”

The Hard Stuff
Setting up Mustang Oil and Gas LLC hasn’t been easy.  Jamie quickly learned that being good at your job isn’t all there is to it.

“As an independent landman, we struggle to find work with oil & gas companies. If companies are not drilling you do not have work, if the “deal” falls through, you do not get paid, and so forth.” 

When I asked Jamie what advice she might have for other entrepreneurs, she had one word:  Planning

You can’t just jump into an industry like this blind.  You have to train and plan. I was lucky to have Michael Richardson as a mentor.  He taught me nuances of the business it would have taken me years to learn on my own.  He also guided me through important business processes you never think about when you’re working for someone else – like saving for the lean times and putting money away for taxes!” 

Even if you’re not in the market for a landman, this is a fascinating industry and a landman is a truly unique job.  If you want to learn more, you can find Jamie on LinkedIn.